6 things you need to do to prevent quitting your health goals


Here we go. You’ve made that new year new me resolution. You started off so strong, but it’s May and you’re now a quitter.

What went wrong? You did all the right things. You quit drinking soda, you cut out all of your carbs, you exercise, and your caloric intake is low. Why did you quit though?

The answer probably goes like this, I wasn’t seeing results, your life got busy there’s no time, you keep giving yourself excuses.

Let’s fight back! How do you stop quitting?

Here are six things you need to do.

  1. Stop cutting your food! Often time we believe less is more and we are told that for us to loose weight we have to create a caloric deficit. This is correct you do need to create some deficit, but let’s try some math. Your caloric goal is 1200, you expend 1300 calories during normal activities during the day, then you go to work out and burn 500 calories. For the day you Burned 1800 calories between day to day activities and working out, but you only gave yourself 1200 calories today. Where is the extra energy going to come from? You have to give yourself enough to fuel your body in the first place to create a true caloric deficit.
  2. Quit yoyo diets. Dieting really doesn’t help because the moment you return to your every day routine you are sure to gain again. Follow the 80/20 rule! When I first became a trainer my life was full of restriction and bad food habits. I got my nutrition certification and for some reason my relationship with food became worse! However, in 2017 I just had an epiphany. I needed to eat the way that my family and I could follow. It was OK if we did great all week and then had pizza on Friday night. 
  3. Find a workout routine that is fun! Exercise can be stressful if its not fun. Why do I box? Well because I like to hit shit. I Box because that is fun for me. It brings a little bit of excitement into my routine. You like horseback riding? Focus your workouts to make you a better horse back rider. You like basketball? Find sports specific exercises that you can incorporate in your routine that focus on your interest. You like video games? Well I still have exercises you can do to help you game better (not even kidding)
  4. Have a plan! We mostly quit because we haven’t planned our goals and routines out. We don’t know what comes next so its easy to drop off a routine if there was no clear end date. If you need help ask a professional. The thing about asking our friends to help with a routine is that not everyone’s body is the same. Find a professional that can help you find what works for you!
  5. Give yourself grace! Allow yourself to take it slow. You didn’t gain weight overnight, you will not loose it overnight. Be realistic in your goals and set healthy goals! When we set goals that seem out of reach to begin with, we beat ourselves up even worse when we have a set back.
  6. STOP COMPARING and STOP NEGATIVE SELF TALK! This I cannot say enough! Everyone does it. You cannot compare your self to anyone. We are all made different. What works for Bobby Jo won’t necessarily work for you. Don’t tell yourself you can’t or you won’t. 

Everyone knows we want to reach our goals. That is why we make them in the first place. It is easy to get discouraged when things are not working out your way. Write down what you believe are your biggest challenges when it comes to health and fitness. Once you write them down you validate that you recognize your struggles and can come up with a plan to combat them.

Now go out there Kick Ass, take names!

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